Archives by Month: April 2010

Episode 9

Episode niun!


In this episode…

  • We review WWE’s Extreme Rules PPV
  • Joe is accused of copyright infringement by the WWE
  • WWE gives seven wrestlers the ax
  • The WWE Draft occurs, and Rob had prejudices
  • Russo’s getting lazy, while Brother Ray steps up his game
  • TNA lets the fans vote on the #1 contender
  • And more!

So yeah, give it a listen!

Episode 8


Well, Podcast #8 has arrived, and in this episode…


  • We welcome back Harrison and bring Adam on board
  • Review TNA’s Lockdown PPV
  • … and TNA Impact’s ending
  • Discuss who was still stuck in the UK
  • Joe rants on William Regal
  • Jim Cornette goes crazy
  • WWE Extreme Rules predictions
  • And more!


So, give this a listen, peeps*!

* – This is not an endorsement for “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage.


Episode 7

Episode 7 has arrived, and once again, it’s the Joe-Rob show.  Is anyone ever coming back?


  • Smackdown’s moving
  • Injuries
  • TNA and fire
  • Harrison
  • TNA Lockdown predictions
  • And more!

So, give us a listen, give us the feedback, and….


Episode 6

Episode 6 is up, and we’re running bare bones this time around, without Garvin or Harrison.


* Jack Swagger has the gold, but how long can he keep it?

* Joe keeps saying Michael Tarver when it’s David Otunga that me means.  Is there a difference?

* The future of Cryme Time…  Is there one?

* TNA is ECW?

* Rey Mysterio to retire?

* Kanyon dies, and we discuss drug use.

* We’re momentarily attacked by a robot

* And more!

Episode 5

Episode 5 is up, and is Garvin-free, justl ike our listener requested!  (Bazinga!)


* We recap WrestleMania 26

* We dump on Oats-Pac some more

* Rob rants a bit on how much he thinks Batista is the future of WWE

* Harrison sees Chyna’s junk

* And more! (incl. a spoiler or two)

This episode of FTW is brought to you by’s Graveyard Shift 115 – Hecate vs Cobra for the WWA Championship on April 15th! Visit for more details.