Archives by Month: May 2010

Episode 12

What?  Another show?  Holy crap!

In this episode:

  • WWE Over the Limit results/recap
  • Thoughts on Batista
  • Discussion of the WWE title match coming up at Fatal 4Way
  • Randy Orton
  • TNA Knockouts Champ Radison Rayne’s win-loss record
  • TNA cuts
  • Rage
  • And more!

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Episode 11

In this episode:

  • We bring in yet another guy
  • We recap TNA’s Sacrifice (and Rob’s the man)
  • Kurt Angle returns
  • JR talks on the MCMG
  • Chyna fights her friend
  • Twitter game!
  • WWE Over the Limit Predictions
  • And more!

Listen peeps!

Episode 10

We made it to ten freakin’ episodes!

Can you believe it?!?  Take that Sidney Crosby, you pansy-ass!

In this episode:

  • TNA moving around more than our date after prom (ooh, sick burn!)
  • Ex-VP for WWE, Jared Bartie, and the reason he was fired
  • Jim Ross and his contracts (Right — contractS!)
  • WWE and Twitter
  • TNA Sacrifce predictions!
  • And more!  MOAR!  MOOOORRRRREEE!  (with less dillygaf)