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FTW Draft: Leaderboard Update – S1W1

Each week, we will be tabulating rankings based on wins and losses from every member of the WWE and TNA roster. We’ll then organize them based on points. This blog post will be separated into 2 listings: Overall Leaderboard and FTW Rankings.

Overall Leaderboard

This week, we’re going to see a lot of ties for places, as well as a lot of undrafted slots. If we drafted properly, that part of this will be eliminated, but only time will tell. Here is your top 10:

  • 10 – Sin Cara (Garvin)
    Sin Cara made his Smackdown debut defeating the new Raw draftee Jack Swagger. He scored 3 points with the win.
  • 9 – Layla El (Undrafted)
    Layla El had two matches this week, both against Michelle McCool. The first ended in a double count out, which gave her 1 point. The second was a clean pinfall, adding an additional 3 points. She ended the week with 4 points.
  • 8 – Sting (Garvin)
    Sting was forced into a triple threat match to defend his Championship against Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson (Rob). He won and was happy. Rob most likely cried. Sting scored 4 points because of the match. 3 for the win, .5 for the title match win, and .5 for defeating Mr. Anderson.
  • 7 – Randy Orton (Joe)
    Randy Orton won two matches this week. The first was a tag team win, alongside partner Christian, defeating Brodus Clay and Del Rio (Kevin). At Extreme Rules, he defeated CM Punk (Rob) to pull in a total of 5.5 points.
  • 6 – Christian (Undrafted)
    As said before, on Smackdown, Christian and his partner Randy Orton (Joe) picked up the tag team victory, and probably the most surprising win of his career, he defeated Del Rio (Kevin) at Extreme Rules to pick up the World Title. He scored 6 points. How did he go undrafted?
  • 5 – Rey Mysterio (Undrafted)
    Rey Mysterio picked up three victories this week. The first was against Mark Henry on Smackdown, where he won via DQ. The second was at Extreme Rules, where he defeated Cody Rhodes, and the last was on Raw, as he picked up a win with Kofi against Swagger and McIntyre. He picked up 6 points overall.
  • 4 – Big Show (Harrison)
    The Big Show, along with his tag team partner Kane, won two title matches this week. Both were against teams made up of Corre Members. One of those was against Ezekiel Jackson (Joe). Overall, he picked up 6 points.
  • 3 – Kofi Kingston (Undrafted)
    Kofi, another one who flew under the radar, scored 2 huge wins this week. The first was at Extreme Rules, where he defeated Sheamus (Rob) to regain the United States Championship. He got 4.5 points because of that match (3 for the win, .5 for defeating a champion, 1 for winning a title match). The second win was last night as he, alongside Rey Mysterio, defeated Swagger and McIntyre. 6.5 overall.
  • 2 – Kane (Garvin)
    And to think Kane dropped to the final round. He tied Rey Mysterio this week with the most matches. Only time will tell how long that pace, and his winning streak, will continue. 3 wins, including two title match wins and 1 DQ win. He scored 7 points in total.
  • 1 – John Cena (Joe)
    And, the top guy, despite how much we hate it, is John Cena. He only won two matches this week, but they were both for the title, and one of them was a triple threat match. With Joe backing him, he also picked 2 wins in FTW competition. John Cena is at the top with 8 points.

FTW Rankings

And, here is where everyone stands in the first season of the FTW Draft:

  • 5 – Rob (tied)
    At the bottom of the list is Rob. His team scored 0 points, going 0-3, 0-2 in FTW competition.
  • 4 – Kevin (tied)
    Really, Kevin should be at the bottom, but we’re going by alphabetical order, so he lucks out. Kevin also scored 0 points, as his team went 0-5, 0-3 in FTW competition. Note that Kevin received 2 losses in FTW competition because he has both Morrison and Miz, who lost in the Extreme Rules main event.
  • 3 – Harrison
    Harrison had two members of his roster score points. Samoa Joe pulled in 1 with his draw vs. Crimson on Impact. And, his bread-winner: The Big Show, pulled in 6 with 2 solid victories, both being tag team title matches. Overall, Harrison’s team brought in 7 points, going 2-0-1, 1-0 in FTW competition.
  • 2 – Joe
    Joe picking John Cena was the best decision he could make. Two nights in a row, Cena picked up wins, not only for the title, but against FTW opponents. Along with Randy Orton, Joe is really starting to pull away right out of the gates. Overall, Joe’s team brought in 13.5 points, going 4-1 and 2-0 in FTW competition.
  • 1 – Garvin
    And this week’s Leaderboard Champion is Garvin. Sting, Sin Cara and Kane all brought in good values. Sting with 1 title match victory, Kane with 2. Overall, Garvin’s team brought in 14 points, narrowly topping Joe’s team, going 5-0, 2-0 in FTW competition.