FTW225 – Summerslam Heats Up and The Future of TNA

This week, we continue down the road to Summerslam as another match has been officially booked. And word on the street is TNA and Spike TV aren’t having the best negotiations. Sounds familiar to another wrestling company who didn’t fair too well on the market recently. How will life be without Spike if TNA can’t renew their television deal?

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FTW224 – Battleground Recap, Summerslam Hype, and 6-sided Rings

This week, we talk about WWE Battleground and whether or not it made Summerslam all the better as we predicted. Plus, SO MUCH HAPPENED ON RAW! And, the 6-sided ring is back in TNA as they get the TNANYC treatment. Well worth the hype? All that and the week that was in WWE and TNA.

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FTW223 – WWE Battleground 2014 Live PPV Preshow

This week, we preview this Sunday’s WWE Battleground.

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FTW222 – The Rise of the Divas

This week, we take a look at the first 6 months of 2014 and try and decide if there was a moment of the year yet. And is Battleground actually shaping up to being a pretty good PPV? And how do we like Angle’s run so far as TNA’s new Director of Wrestling Operations? Plus, we saw 10 Divas featured on Raw. Is this a sign of things to come?

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FTW221 – More Changes in TNA and Let’s Go Cena?

This week, we react to WWE Money in the Bank 2014 and the following night’s WWE Raw. In TNA, we continue to push forward to Destination X and Bound for Glory 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. Plus, we talk about going to live events and whether or not it’s better to watch live or on TV.

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FTW220 – WWE Money in the Bank 2014 PPV Preshow

This week, preview WWE Money in the Bank 2014.

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FTW219 – TNA Slammiversary 2014 Reaction and The 6/16/14 Raw Experience

This week, we take a look at this past Sunday’s TNA Slammiversary. Did it deliver on our low expectations? And both Lee and Garvin were at Raw in Cleveland. Do either of them have voices?

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FTW218 – TNA Slammiversary 2014 PPV Preshow

This week, we preview TNA Slammiversary, react to Daniel Bryan being stripped, and look forward to Destination X and Money in the Bank.

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FTW217 – NXT Takeover, WWE Payback, and Samoa Joe’s Return

This week, we react to WWE’s Payback, NXT’s Takeover, and the possibility that MVP might not main event Slammiversary after all.

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Wrestling w/ Beer #9: Rogue Hazelnut Brown and 2 Hour Raws

In this episode, Joe and Garvin review Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar while debating whether or not WWE’s ratings would improve by going back to a 2-hour Raw. Plus, bottling tips for home brewers.
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