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FTW211 – TNA Sacrifice 2014 Live PPV Preshow

We preview this Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV. Plus, why is the WWE Divas division more competitive after AJ drops the title? And can Daniel Bryan vs. Kane main event WWE Extreme Rules? All that and the week that was in WWE, TNA, NXT, and GFW. Read More ›


FTW210 – WWE Extreme Rules 2014, TNA Sacrifice, and Global Force Wrestling

We sit down to discuss the first few matches booked for May’s WWE Extreme Rules 2014, the lack of matches booked for next Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice, and whether or not we should be excited for Global Force Wrestling. All that and the week that was in WWE, TNA, NXT, and GFW.
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FTW209 – The Best Wrestling Week Ever

In this episode, Harrison sits down with Lee, Kevin, Nick, and Garvin to talk about the best week in wrestling we can remember. We talked WrestleMania 30, the following night’s Raw, Global Force Wrestling, and even some TNA. Read More ›


FTW208 – WWE WrestleMania 30 Preshow w/ Scott Vyper

In this episode, Harrison goes over the WrestleMania 30 build, card, and Hall of Fame class with Garvin, Joe, Kevin, and Scott Vyper from Late Night Steamer. Is this the best Hall of Fame class ever? AND would it be bad if HHH walked out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? We also played “The Road to WrestleMania” board game by

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Wrestling With Beer #007 – WrestleMania 30, Hefeweizens, and Minecraft

In this episode of Wrestling with Beer, Joe and Garvin get back together one year after the last episode to talk about the two Hefeweizens they’re drinking: Paulener and Flying Dog. They also take a look at the WrestleMania 30 card and what they’ve been working on at PLUS, we play some music, Shotgun Saturday Afternoon style.
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FTW207 – Who’s Next For Magnus? And WrestleMania 30 Is Booked

This week, we talk about the continuing build towards WrestleMania. 2 more matches added this week including a Divas Championship “tournament”. And, Samoa Joe once again lost in a title match. Will he get “1 more match”? All that and the rest of the week that was in WWE and TNA.
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FTW206 – Did We Change WrestleMania 30?

Join us this week as we continue down the road to WrestleMania 30. What happens if Austin Aries and Bad Influence walk away from TNA? Does Undertaker make Main Even worth watching? And did we realistically change WWE’s booking plans? All that and the rest of the week that was in WWE and TNA.
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FTW205 – WrestleMania 30 Main Event on Lockdown

This week on FTW, Harrison sits down with Kevin, Joe, and Nick to recap and react to TNA Lockdown. Was it the PPV of the year (so far)? And can we finally all agree that this Daniel Bryan storyline is amazing and we were totally wrong before? And, will this year’s WrestleMania finally be good? All that and the week that was in WWE and TNA.
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TNA Lockdown 2014 Live PPV Preshow

Dave Gilbert from sits down with Garvin and Nick from FTW to preview this Sunday’s TNA Lockdown PPV.
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Listener Survey: What Are We Doing Right?

We need your help to answer some questions we’ve got on our mind as of late. What we’re looking for is to get a better idea of what you like and don’t like about our weekly conversations. Read More ›