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FTW237 – WWE Hell in a Cell Pre-show

Tonight we preview WWE Hell in a Cell. We’ll go over the full card, talk about the build, give our predictions, and try and come up with good reasons that we should watch the PPV.

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This episode was recorded live on Tuesday, October 21st, 2014.

Here’s what we talked about:

Mail Bag

Before we jump into Hell in a Cell, because I know how excited we all are about one of the most dangerous WWE PPVs, let’s take a step back and pull out some topics from the mail bag.

  • Last week, when we reviewed TNA Bound for Glory, we listed some reasons why we thought it worked for us, as well as why we thought it was a bad PPV for both fans and TNA as a whole. Apparently, we didn’t list everything that was wrong with the PPV, so our friends on YouTube and Google+ helped us out:

    • Amandeep on Google+:
      Here’s my problems:
      1.) No 6-sided ring so it didn’t feel like a TNA produced show.
      2.) You can’t call it your biggest PPV and not have your biggest stars booked i.e. Aries, Rhoode & Lashley
      3.) Main-event was disappointing although the Sanada-Storm storyline is good imo.

    • DJCleanStylez on YouTube:
      1) The card was assembled only a few days before it took place,
      2) Production looked horrible

  • 8:05  - While we tried to stay away from speculating where Bully Ray and Devon could end up now that they’re gone from TNA, there’s a lot of people that want to see them return to WWE for one last run.

    • Kieren Blaney on YouTube:
      I would love one last wwe run for team 3d we all know the tag team division needs it.

  • 8:07  - Last week we showed our general disinterest on Rusev vs. Big Show.

    • Che Alexander on YouTube:
      Come on guys…please dont sleep on Rusev.I think he is one of the best characters wwe has. There are so many storylines they can involve him in.

  • And finally, we talked about why we didn’t feel like John Cena was a credible contender for the WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar.

    • DJCleanStylez begs to differ saying:
      [Last match they had, Cena] pretty much had the man, beat until he got hit over the head with a briefcase.

    • Garvin: There’s a difference between being a credible challenger and a mouse being able to get a few good shots in between swats by the cat. With no where to go, eventually, the cat will destroy that mouse.


As we head into this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell, we put up a poll on Google+ and Facebook to see what current WWE title race you were most interested in. Here are the results:

  • Dust vs Usos – 7%

  • Sheamus vs. Miz – 8%

  • Dolph vs. Cesaro – 19%

  • AJ vs. Paige – 30%

  • Brock vs. ??? – 35%

  • How is it that before Raw, we didn’t know who was even in the running for the WWE title outside of Cena, and you guys thought it was the best title race.

  • Deuce: This is more like the “least worst” title race…

WWE Hell in a Cell

Let’s go over the card.


  • Dolph (N,J) vs. Cesaro (G) — LINK HEELBOOK VIDEO (coming soon)

    • This week, Cesaro defeated Ziggler cleanly.

    • Amandeep on G+:
      Maybe WWE would be willing to book a strong IC champion if Cesaro was given the strap?


  • Mizdow TV: Damien Mizdow interviews The Miz

    • Commentary began to push the idea that Mizdow is more over than Miz.

  • Gold and Stardust (G, N) vs. Usos (J) for the Tag Team Championship

  • Brie Bella () vs. Nikki Bella (N,J)

    • Loser becomes the personal assistant of the winner.

  • Sheamus (N) vs. Miz (G, J) for the US Championship

  • AJ Lee (N) vs. Paige (G, J) for the Divas Championship

    • Stephanie McMahon debunked the rumor that any Diva appearing on Total Divas couldn’t hold the title. Because really, it doesn’t make sense. Next season, EVERY Diva except for AJ, Emma, and the two announcers, will be on.

  • Rusev (G, J, N) vs. Big Show ()

  • John Cena (N) vs. Randy Orton (J,G) in a Hell in a Cell

    • The Authority noted that everyone wanted to see Dean and Seth in the main event. BUT, they just can’t let the fans get what they want, so they added a stipulation that the winner would earn a title shot at some point against Lesnar.

  • Dean Ambrose (G, J, N) vs. Seth Rollins () in a Hell in a Cell

    • Because the internet has to find something to complain about, it seems that some bloggers think that WWE is making Dean Ambrose too jokey. You agree?


  • Just about everyone is pretty low on this card, as far as the stories go. But, just like we do for TNA, let’s look at it from a wrestling POV. Despite how we got here and where we’re going next in the storyline, this is actually a really good card, right?

  • Tim Ash in the Wrestle Folk FB Group:
    Does anyone else besides me think that one way to make Hell in a Cell seem like a big event have every match be in the cell almost like how TNA does lethal lockdown?

Priority List

  • Next NXT live event is on December 11th. WWE TLC is on December 14th. So, we’ll be previewing both on our December 9th edition of the podcast. So, mark your calendars.


This Week On Impact

  • Havok easily defeated Madison Rayne.

  • Managerie is still a thing. And they’re still feuding with the Bro Mans. And Crazy Steve picked up a win.

  • Ethan Carter introduced his new bodyguard, Tyrus (Brodus Clay). Are you excited about Tyrus’s future in TNA?

  • Devon is apparently still on the roster and looks to be feuding with Bram or EC3. We’ll find out next week. But, this could be another feather in the American Hardcore Icon’s cap.

  • Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy, EY, and Austin Aries to earn another title shot against Bobby Lashley.

Next Week On Impact

  • An 8-team tag team tournament starts next week. Winner will earn a shot at the Wolves.


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