Episode 146 – Hogan as TNA Champion, Genesis 2013, Punk vs. Rock

In this episode we begin the new year with some much needed wrestling talk. Including: a look at the projected cards for Royal Rumble and this Sunday’s Genesis, how Rock vs. Punk started, Hogan’s TNA Championship aspirations and the possibility that Dolph could unify the titles at Wrestlemania. All that and the week that was in WWE and TNA.

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FTW News – Just the Tip of the Show

New Site

First up, we’ve got a new site up. Head on over to FTWPodcast.com to check it out. We’ve added:

  • the ability to comment on past episodes, which some of you have already taken advantage of
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  • Better show notes (like these). Everything we talk about will be in the post, not just the brief summary. So, if you want a link to the news piece we’re talking about, or want to check out the #askFTW questions we received, they’ll all be there.
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FTW Draft

Also part of the new site is the new FTWDraft.com area. We’ve already got some news up, and the new season participants have been announced. Here’s who will be involved in Season 4:

  • From last season: Us 5 – Joe, Harrison, Lee, Rob and Garvin. + Ken, Mike and Diva Jill who locked in their spot thanks to their playoff appearances.
  • From Twitter: @thekeelo_g and @stylesclash10
  • From Facebook: Gary Albone and Nick Alexander

We’ll be releasing the official draft order this week. Since we went from 16 to 12, and brought in 4 new participants, we had to shuffle the order around a bit. So, expect that to be on the site soon.

New T-Shirts

It’s been a year or so since we released our first line of T-Shirts, so we’re archiving those and bringing in a new set. If you’re friends with us on G+, Twitter or Facebook, you’ve already gotten a sneak peak. New shirt line should be out next week.

Google +

Are you on Google Plus? If you are, then you may have noticed that they now have Communities available to their users. We created one just for WWE and TNA fans. With over 100 users, this community is already the largest and most active English-speaking professional wrestling community on G+ (go team!). Join it.

Universal Takeover Awards

As we’ve hopefully made it clear over the last 30 days, we were up for “Best Wrestling Podcast” by the Universal Takeover Network. Their official award ceremony is happening tonight over on UTNSports.com. Their show is partially taped so when we are announced as Best in the World, they’re just going to play our acceptance speech. If that does indeed happen, we’ll let you know. Either way, we were up against some good discussions: Wrestling Soup, who were just up for a Stitcher award a few weeks ago, Single Leg Takedown and Future Endeavors. A lot of people say ‘it’s an honor just to be nominated’, but when you review porn movies and make dick jokes on Tuesdays – we really do mean it.


Impact Wrestling 1/3/2013 Results

  • In-Ring: Jeff Hardy was awarded the “Impact Wrestler of the Year” by the fans. He beat out James Storm, Austin Aries, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. After Hardy was given the award, Roode and Aries argued with him about it, so Hardy challenged them both to a title match at Genesis.
  • Backstage: Kaz/Daniels/Storm segment
  • Storm d. Kaz
  • Backstage: Aces and Eights/Anderson segment. — King/Kash segment.
  • In-Ring: DOC calls out Sting in the ring.
  • Christian York d. Kid Kash in the X-Division Tournament
  • Hernandez d. Joey Ryan via DQ after Matt Morgan interfered.
  • Backstage: Angle/Joe/Wes/Bischoff. Angle says he will unmask a member of Aces and Eights tonight. — Knockouts prepping for their match.
  • In-Ring: Hulk Hogan confronts Brooke and Bully. They admit to a relationship. Hogan suspends Bully.
  • Video: Joseph Park/OVW
  • Mickie/Tessmacher d. Gail/Tara
  • Backstage: Aces and Eights say they need to protect their masks.
  • Angle/Joe d. Devon/Masked Man in a steel cage match. Afterwards, all of Aces and Eights came out to attack them, but Sting cleared house. Then, Angle unmasked Mike Knox.

Projected Genesis 2013 Card

Let’s briefly go over this Sunday’s Genesis card. We’ll be sitting down again this Thursday at 10pm ET, directly after Impact goes off the air to preview the PPV. By that point, we should have a final card.

  • Chavo/Hernandez () vs. Morgan/Ryan () for the Tag Titles
  • Tara () vs. ??? () for the KO Title
  • RVD () vs. York/King/Ion () for the X-Division Title
  • James Storm () vs. Christopher Daniels ()
  • Sting () vs. DOC ()
  • Jeff Hardy () vs. Austin Aries () vs. Bobby Roode () for the TNA Title


  • In an interview, Hulk Hogan said he was 1 surgery away from fixing his body enough that he could see himself wrestle again. 59 year old TNA World Champion is what he has his eyes on. Now, before you scoff and think of this as a joke – Hogan has been on a bevy of advertisements, and been involved in most backstage segments. Let’s not race to the bottom in how bad this could be, let’s instead speculate – will they go in this direction?
  • The Pope tweeted that his contract was up on the 1st and he did not re-sign.


Much like you, we haven’t watched anything from WWE since before Christmas. Regardless, they recapped the important bits on last night’s Raw anyways.

Raw 1/7/2013 Results

  • John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall. Cena hit Ziggler with the Attitude Adjustment to get the win.
  • Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Title by count-out. Eve Torres is still our WWE Divas Champion.
  • Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated Kane and Daniel Bryan by pinfall. Cody Rhodes pinned Daniel Bryan. Cody hit Bryan with the Cross Rhodes to get the win.
  • Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater by pinfall. Orton hit Slater with an RKO to get the win.
  • Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marella by pinfall.
  • Antonio Cesaro defeated The Great Khali by pinfall. Antonio hit Khali with the Neutralizer to get the win.
  • Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall. Sheamus hit Mahal with the Brogue Kick to get the win.
  • CM Punk defeated Ryback in a TLC Match for the WWE Title. CM Punk is still our WWE Champion.
  • Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston by pinfall. Show hit Kingston with a KO Punch to get the win.
  • CM Punk addressed the WWE Universe and got interrupted by The Rock.
  • The Rock hit Punk with a Rock Bottom.

Projected Royal Rumble 2013 Card

Mark your calendars. We’ll be sitting down at 1:30pm on Saturday, January 26th, the day before the Royal Rumble to talk about the card and give our predictions of what we hope will take place. Here’s the card as we know it.

  • Kane/Bryan () vs ??? () for the Tag Titles
  • Cesaro () vs ??? () for the US Title
  • Wade Barrett () vs ??? () for the IC Title
  • Big Show () vs. ADR () for the World Title
  • CM Punk () vs. Rock () for the WWE Title
  • Royal Rumble
    • Cena ()
    • Orton ()
    • Sheamus ()
    • Dolph () // Diva Jill: What if Dolph won the Rumble, then won the WWE title at WM29, as well as cashed in the MITB case the same night, to unify the titles?
    • 3MB ()

Home Stretch


You can send us topics to talk about via email (questions@ftwpodcast.com), on Twitter by dm’ing us @ftwpodcast or using #askFTW, by posting on our Facebook wall or in our Google Plus community, or even leaving a comment on site. You have no excuse now, so send it and we’ll bring it into the discussion.

  • On New Years, Zack Ryder went on Twitter and said “No reason for me to watch the ball drop tonight… I live through the ball being dropped with me all year.” We shared a screenshot of that on our Instagram account for proofsies. Our own Garvin replied “too bad he didn’t capitalize on the opportunity he was given as we all had high hopes for Ryder.” Apparently, this warranted busting out the beatin’ sticks and going to town on our resident Bearded One.
    • Erik/FB: Capitalize on what exactly? A joke of a title regin that ended with him being buried by Kane and Eve?
    • Nicholas/FB: Zack’s push was sacrificed to give the most over guy in the company some more exposure.
    • Michael L. emailed us about Zack Ryder and his recent frustration. Do you think Zack Ryder is justified in his feelings or is it ‘sour grapes’?
    • Is Garvin wrong for thinking that Zack Ryder was awful when he was finally put on TV?
  • Eric B. on Facebook:
    I was wondering, what feud would you like to see in 2013? For me I have been wanting Punk and Ambrose to go at it on the mic since I found out about Ambrose a little over a year ago. Your thoughts?
  • Steve G. on Facebook:
    If you could choose who could be TNA World Heavyweight champion who would you pick?
  • Simeon B. on G+ linked a blog post in our community he wrote about how wrestling today is boring and no longer interesting or “cool”. He posted some videos from YWC member Parkin, part of “British Fist”, who was also saying the same thing. But, is it? Is wrestling as awful as the loudest in the IWC (or in this case, YWC – nope, not calling it that, not going to segment this audience further) keep expousing?
  • James L. emailed:
    Guys, love the show, but thank GOD for Lee. This podcast tends to be extremely tna-centric.

    • Lee even having to defend WM and rock vs cena was off to me.
    • He wanted to point out that he’s been to everything from high school gyms to WMs and says that the size of the crowd totally heightens the experience. However, he also says: “I have been to tna house shows, indoor and out, and the crowds are awful and it takes away from the show.”
    • Good job guys, I really dig the show, you guys know your shit and its appreciated
  • @julietted80:
    Thoughts on Flair returning for Royal Rumble?

    • A rumor surfaced saying Flair could be making an appearance in the Rumble like how fan favorite Big Daddy Cool Diesel and some guy named Booker-Something did before. Apparently he’s booked in a tag match for All-Japan the day before the Rumble….so – possibily of a 63 year man taking a red-eye flight halfway around the world to be tumbled over a set of ropes 8 feet off the ground?

Discussions From This Week

  • What if Undertaker’s WM29 opponent was The Shield? Mike on Facebook suggested that he could see Ryback and Taker vs. The Shield, but not a straight up handi-cap match. Would a handicap match make it too obvious that Taker will lose?
  • What if Jericho is behind The Shield? His last run was a bit of an injustice on his career, don’t you think? Andy on G+ said that having anyone be the leader of the Shield, outside of the 3 guys already involved, would make the group look week. First, do you like the idea of Jericho, and second, do you think anyone will be made the “leader”, like a Punk, Heyman or Rock, like has been suggested and predicted since they’ve arrived?
  • Kane currently holds the record for most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble at 11. Will/should Ryback break that? La’Nike and Amanie on G+ both liked the idea, but both said it would be a difficult accomplishment. And just about everyone on Facebook didn’t like the idea, all though they could see it happening and Ryback would be the most logical choice to do so. Bradley Chambers even went as far as saying that no one should break the record until after Kane retires.
  • Since it’s been OVER A YEAR since Cena was Champion, is the idea of him holding the title in 2013 more acceptable? As expected most were against the idea, but Robin on Facebook noted that, while he wasn’t champ, the show still revolved around him, so what’s the difference, really?
  • Should Dolph Ziggler use the superkick as his finisher? Everyone who responded wanted to see it happen.

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