New CM Punk Theme By Rancid To Debut At WWE Payback

Kevin was at the Rancid show last night in Detroit, and CM Punk came out on stage. He reports that Lars said Rancid recorded a new theme for Punk that will debut at WWE Payback.

This could confirm that Punk will appear at Payback, but not that he’ll compete necessarily, as we discussed last night on our WWE Payback Preview conversation.

Does this leak a face turn for CM Punk? What do you think?

(Photo credit: DKrimm)

Update: 6:30pm ET – WNS and PWTorch are no longer backing this story as reports have come out that suggest that the band just pulled a prank on the crowd. So, take it for what it’s worth.

  • Nick Alexander

    Not necessarily a face turn, but I see him rejecting Heyman’s services and going back to being an anti-hero.

  • Jay

    Why would they advertise a match for pay per view nad then just not have it? Angering the live crowd as well the people who paid to see it.

  • ken

    Ugh, rancid sucks

    • Brandon Seamon

      CM Punk needs to go back to This Fire Burns theme song or just stay with Cult of Personality