TNA To Drop Gut Check?

It’s being reported that many, inside of TNA, believe that the Gut Check segment could be over. Including OVW’s Danny Davis, a recently added Gut Check judge.

Danny Davis is telling people that he will not be coming to Impact as part of Gut Check any more. With Bruce Prichard gone and the recent financial cutbacks (and let’s face it, the project has been a failure), Gut Check may be a thing of the past. PWInsider

Obviously, with the releases of a few of the past winners, as well as the fact that no one except for Jay Bradley is still on the main roster, you could look at Gut Check as being a failure.

Reader Poll time: Do you think that this was a risk that TNA needed to make? Or are you glad that they’re, potentially, not moving forward with it. Would it have done better if the talent brought through it were more main card ready?